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  • Gaijin Surfs Japan (Subarashi neh!)
  • Protest Art
  • Law & Advocacy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Comic Books
  • The Solar Bible
  • Eclipse & Travel Guides

  • Gaijin Surfs Japan (Honto ni!)

    Modemboy in Rooville

    Home to the Purgatory Utilities Commission of the State of Caliofrnia
    Documenting Bartz V CPUC Hardhat Required

    Startup in the Land of the Rising Sun: A Japanese Solar (ad) Venture ((ad) Venture Business Collection)

    Modemboy: The First to Connect (Adventures of Modemboy)

    Article 17: A Docuesical of Japan's Darkets Side: It's Red and White in Japan, You Will Bleed Japan Photo Montage

  • Protest Art

    Trump Stylus: Colors Spew from My Pen


  • Law & Advocacy

    Bradley L. Bartz V. Public Utitlies Commission of the State of California: Petition for Writ of Mandamus to Order Discovery

  • Historical Fiction

    The Hood: The History of Hate in America and How to Argue Against It.

    Trabuco Cabin: An Acid Trip Fueling Memory Lane

  • Comic Books

    Scooter Boy: The First Internet Comic Book

  • The Solar Bible

    Solar Bible 2018: Off-Grid in the City

    Solar Bible: Guide to Design/Build of Solar Electric Grid Tie Systems (Install Guide)

  • Eclipse & Travel Guides

    Yosemite in Spring: A First Time Vistor Photologue

    Amtrak Across America: An iPhone, Osmo, Cannon and Mavic Walk into the Train Bar (Eclipse 2017)

    The Beer Bus to Totality: Dew Drop Inn for A Full Eclipse of the Sun (2017)

    Life in 2017: From Los Angeles to New York and on to Canada (Eclipse 2017)

    Venture Business Manual

    Rock Totality!: Eclipse Party Guide

  • Web Read Shareware Books

    Read for free, support if you want. The Adventures of Modemboy
    Rooville: The Home of the
    Purgatory Utilities Commission
    of the State of California

    The Adventures of Modemboy: First to Connect

    Shanghai Walks, Japan Talks
    Article 17: A Docusical of Japan's Darkest Side

    Trabuco Cabin: An Acid Trip Fueling Memories

    Rock Totality: Total Eclipse of the Sun Tour Guide - April 8, 2024

    Scooterboy: The First Internet Comic

    Solar Bible of 2018: The Year of Off Grid

    The Adventures of Modemboy: Sex on the Internet (Censored)

    Modemboy Learns How to Practice.with a Scream of Joy!

    Modemboy: Cemetery of Profanities

    Space Art

    Bartz v CPUC, et. Al Petition for Writ of Mandamus to Order Discovery

    Scooterboy! The First Internet Comic

    Amtrak Across America to the Great American Eclipse 2017


    TRUMP STYLUS: My Pen Farted, I Laughed and Cried
    Japan Press Magazine

    The Beer Bus to Totality: The Total Eclipse of the Sun 2017

    The Adventures of Modemboy
    Episode I: Wall After Wall



    Japan Press Magazine
    Ah heck... we tried...

    Modemboy The Movie(s)

    The Adventures of Modemboy: The First to Connect Read by the Author's Lover

    1 to 5 Seconds Random Art by Mayumi Takadanobaba
    A Sense of Time

    Great American Eclipse 2017

    Article 17 the Musical

    Osmo Loves Amtrak and SpaceX Launch

    Yosemite Calls with Wild Water, Birds and a Genuine Slice of Paradise

    Solar Installation with Drone Falling Off Cliff

    Isumi, Chiba Japan - An idyllic paradise an hour and change from Tokyo.

    ABC Solar Install Spanish Tile Solar Grid Tie in Newport Coast

    BBSO - Big Bear Solar Observatory, California - Drone Footage by ABC Solar

    Cupola Solar Estate by ABC Solar Inc with DJI Drone Footage

    Startup Japan co jp

    US Japan Renewable Roundtable December 2012

    Solar Install on old Spanish Tile Roof in Palos Verdes, CA


    Official Book Homes

    Venture Business

    Protest Art and Musings